About Us

Our Values

Actus was founded on a simple set of principles.

Staying close to these core principles enables us to improve the lives of the people we serve in our client companies, as well as the candidates we deliver to those companies.

Our Purpose

We are passionate about what Insurance and Risk Management can do to improve the lives of its policy holders, and at an even bigger level, to reduce suffering globally. Supporting our clients in their mission to reduce risk and preserve capital in troubled times isn't a monetary end, it's a human one. 

And it's a mission we take very seriously.

In fact, it's the bedrock of what we do. Being a partner to our candidates from graduation to the Executive suite, is what allows us to make matches that truly last.

Delivering game changing talent to our Clients while deepening career satisfaction for our Candidates for years to come isn't just what we do...

...it's who Actus is.

Experience the difference aligning passions can make.

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Meet the Team

Vince Brown

President and CEO

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Dax Gindlesperger

Actuarial Recruiter

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Angeloue Morada


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