Our Solutions

Contingent Search

Contingent search is a great option as you only pay if we deliver.  Contingent Search is a great way to experience our process and commitment to quality while allowing you to be alerted to suitable talent as it becomes available in the market.

This option is best suited for searches with lower priority or urgency. 

Partnership Search

Partnership Search is the next step on the ladder of mission critical search. In this solution we receive a non-refundable engagement fee, to begin the search project with clearly defined deliverables. After those objectives are met, you pay for the remaining project objectives only if we successfully deliver. Your willingness to invest in the search means you get priority over all other contingent projects currently underway. It also means your chances of fulfillment increase dramatically. 

This level of relationship is best suited to searches you are sure will only be filled by an outside partner, searches that are time sensitive or critical to the success of your project or business goal.

Retained Search

The deepest and highest impact relationship. As a retained partner, you pay us a retainer to begin the project, a 2nd payment once a predefined set of search objectives is met, and the 3rd and final payment once delivery is completed. In this arrangement you are committed at the highest level and receive sole priority status from your search partner. Chances of successful delivery rise to over 96% in this partnership.

This solution is your only choice when success is imperative or where urgency or discretion are paramount.


The great thing about our service offerings is you can elevate your solution selection at any point in the project, giving you the flexibility you need to respond to a changing business landscape.

Have questions? Contact us today for a consultation on which solution makes the most sense for you.